Celebrity Speaker Coach & “Trainer Of Trainers”
(Sean Roach) LIVE in San Diego April 30-May 1 2015

2 Day TOTAL-Immersion Workshop
Arms You With The Coveted Skills For
Turning Your Next Seminar, Webinar, Or
Boardroom Talk Into A PROFIT AVALANCHE!!

Discover How To Effectively Sell from Stage

And Build A Lifestyle-Friendly Six Or Seven Figure Income Without The Hype!

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Breakthrough workshop hands you the tools & confidence to build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise!

The Speaker Training Event Of 2015 Will Reveal;

  • Exactly what to say to get rooms full of people BUZZING to invest in you and your expertise!
  • How to “package” your knowledge into a high-value product that easily sells to TENS, even HUNDREDS of clients at a time!
  • Why TEACHING & SHARING your knowledge will fill your bank account faster than you can drink from a fire hose!
  • Why many of the World’s BEST Speakers have publicly endorsed what you are about to hear…
  • PLUS!! The secret to your “selling DNA” (revealed for the first time outside elite circles)
Sean Roach

From The Desk Of Sean Roach
International Best-Selling Author/Presenter and Celebrity Speaker
Coach, Responsible For Hundreds Of Millions In Platform Sales!


Dear Speaker

"You’ve just stumbled upon a way to make your yearly income in 90 minutes…"

If that sounds like a “crazy” proposition to you… then the following story will do more than just open your eyes to a more rewarding way of working with customers…Sell from Stage

It will rock the way you think about doing business—PERIOD!

Read the following story as I explain why…

When I first heard of Anne-Marie, she was a 41 year old Naturopath running a successful little business from home.

In a small niche (let’s face it), she was doing “okaaay” compared with most of her competition… not exactly setting the world on fire… but busy.

Anne-Marie also had one important thing in common with YOU

Like You… She Was
Fantastic At Her Job!

She’d built an EXCELLENT reputation, and because of that, her schedule was always full with referrals and repeat customers. Several times in fact, she was even asked to speak at Health & Wellbeing events.

That turned out to be a real eye-opener!

After a nervous first talk, she was surprised to find LOTS of people wanting her attention… wanting to simply be in her presence. Almost like being a celebrity.

Anne-Marie was by no means an “electric” speaker, yet these limited appearances quickly lead to more and more work.

(There was just one small problem with that) …

Anne-Marie was “swapping time for money”, so pretty soon there was no time left to swap! She was always tired, never had any time for family, still wasn’t making great money, and worst of all…

…Her Income Had
Hit A Glass Ceiling!


But Anne-Maree was smart!

She wisely realized it would be impossible to change this situation unless;

a) She started charging more for her time (potentially upsetting a large number of her loyal clients in the process—only to be left with the same problem)


b) Find a way to LEVERAGE her skills

Anne-Maree was also OBSERVANT.

She noticed there were a small handful of “leaders” that seemed to be making 90% of all the money.

She wondered how that was possible given they were working in the SAME market, with the SAME customers, and against the SAME time constraints… So Anne-Maree managed pulled some strings and convince one of these leaders to meet up with her.

Here’s what happened next…

After listening to Anne-Marie talk for ten minutes or so, the leader finally gave her this advice…

“You’ll never get rich working with clients one at a time. What you need to do INSTEAD is PACKAGE what you know into a product you can sell to MANY clients AT ONCE… From Stage… where your influence is at its HIGHEST! (This will give you tremendous leverage)”

Upon hearing this… A LIGHT BULB went off.

It had never occurred to her to do business in that way before. But no sooner had those words left the leader’s mouth that, with overwhelming clarity, she KNEW EXACTLY what she needed to do! …

She needed to use her presence on stage (and the short “window of celebrity” it creates) as a launch pad to sell her product.

Put simply… She needed to “Sell From Stage”.

…Arguably The World’s
Highest Paid Skill!

Okay, hold the story there for one moment
because I need to make a couple of things clear.

The term *SELL* has gotten a bad rapp over the years, but it simply refers to the art of translating the benefits of your product to your audience in a way that connects with them “emotionally”. This goes from the moment you open your mouth, till the time you fulfil on your product’s promise (very important).

The term **STAGE** is the channel used to deliver your message. Whether that be via: webinar, teleconference, TV, radio, Skype, in a boardroom, etc (As well as live events and seminars)

Got it? Okay now back to the story…

“Anyone Wanting To Make More Money As A Professional Speaker Will Profit From Sean’s Vast Expertise!”

Dr. John
Chiropractor, USA

“More Money From One Talk Than I Make In Six Months”

Jerry VanDeWeghe
Wine Barrel Furniture
California, USA

"I Was Talking To Rooms Full
Of People, Without Ever
Being Able To Close The Deal. Then I Met Sean"

Stephanie Nomchong
Multi-Level Marketing

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Breakthrough workshop hands you the tools & confidence to build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise!

So Let Me Ask You...

Are you still “swapping time for money” and hitting your head up against an income glass ceiling?

Are you GREAT at what you do and DESERVE to be compensated?

Do you want to find MORE TIME to spend with loved ones, and for simply living an amazing life?

Do you want to see an AVALANCHE of sales from your webinars?

Would you like to NAIL every boardroom presentation?

Would you like a FLOOD of new funding for your “not-for-profit” organization?

Do you want rooms full of people HANGING on your every word?

Do you want to build a MILLION DOLLAR business around your expertise?

Okay look…

If you want to leverage your time and build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise, there are two things you need to know above all else.

These two things are…

  1. How to SELL your message
  2. How to get in front of the RIGHT audiences

I’ll share a quick side-story about that…

One of the greatest Marketers of all time, Gary Halbert, once asked a seminar audience… “What is the #1 thing you would need to open a profitable hamburger stand?” Hands shot up with answers like – a quality product, the best location, the tastiest burgers. “No, Gary answered… the most important thing you would need is a starving crowd”.

And here’s the thing…

…Right Now, Somewhere, There’s A Starving Crowd HUNGRY For Your Expertise!

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Breakthrough workshop hands you the tools & confidence to
build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise!

“Sell From Stage Workshop” are four simple words that will show you how to create and price your information product, how to identify your target audience, and how turn your next stage, webinar, or boardroom presentation into a SALES RUSH!

Still not convinced you should be
teaching and sharing your expertise?

…Then let me explain why this is the MOST POWERFUL way to leverage yourself as an expert.

As we all know, people respect and admire those with the confidence to speak and share their knowledge… Whether that be on stage, via webinar, to investors, in a boardroom—or wherever!


Speaking to groups isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us I accept that… and yes… it is something you’ll have to tackle head-on  with help if you want to master it.

For over a DECADE I’ve been teaching this skill to people from all walks of life. From “celebrity speakers” right through to “nervous newcomers” - and I’ve never once failed to pass on these skills successfully.

ONCE you’ve mastered this… you’ll possess (arguably) the world’s highest paying skill. I can say that confidently because;

  1. The SPEED with which you can learn to apply this skill (you don’t need to be naturally gifted or have practiced it from a young age – you can start right now!)
  2. Speaking & teaching live is BY FAR the best method known for converting sales

It’s part of our human DNA to respond to this type of leadership.

Ever since humans have gathered in tribal groups… those who became
conduits for knowledge were the WEALTHIEST, MOST RESPECTED,
& POWERFUL people in those societies…

This is even more powerful today, with the availability of mass-media
channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Google giving you tools and to build
your “tribe” from anywhere in the world!

…What Would You Give To
POSSESS A Skill Like THIS!?!

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Breakthrough workshop hands you the tools & confidence to
build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise!

Ask yourself…

What kind of commitment would you be willing to make to learn a skill that will provide you with ALL the freedom, money and fulfillment you need to live an AMAZING life?

My previous Speaker Workshops have sold out promptly at $20k per head. And those who know me, know my reputation as a Speaker who is “walking his talk”, and as a Mentor who knows instinctively how to get your stage sales flowing naturally and effortlessly…

Most of all, they’ve SEEN how it’s possible to make a years’ worth of income from just one 60-90 minute presentation delivered to the right audience…

…So even at $20k, you could make your investment back the very first time you applied what I taught you! (An easy economic decision right?)

It certainly was for Paul O’Mahony, who came to my sell from stage training in 2013, and has gone on to speak all the World! (He was even one the highest sellers on a recent multi-speaker tour we did together)

Which makes the $497 I’m charging for this two day workshop, quite frankly RIDICULOUS for the skills you are going to learn!


“One Hundred Fold Return
On Your Money”

Paul O'Mahony
Digital Marketing Expert

…Why Would I Make This So Affordable?

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Breakthrough workshop hands you the tools & confidence to
build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise!

Look… I don’t have a “hard luck story” like a lot of people in my position, and I didn’t grow up on the wrong side of the tracks…

In fact I had a GREAT childhood with WONDERFUL parents!

So I couldn’t honestly say I’m driven by a troubled past because there simply isn’t one. All my life I’ve found it pretty easy to attract money and success

I guess what does drive me though is when I see everyday people who are GREAT at what they do, but are stuck working hard and not getting the financial rewards they deserve (and could EASILY be getting with my help).

In the past I’ve helped THOUSANDS of people to get off their “duff” and improve their lives through my marketing & positioning trainings, my best-selling book, and through my various charitable activities…

…And of course, from my Speaker Training.

THAT’S what I’m BEST known for, and the reason I’m constantly sought out by Speakers and Event Promoters all over the World!

However I realized it wasn’t just Speakers who could profit from these skills. Others could too…

Good people like YOU with amazing knowledge and expertise to share!

If That Sounds Like YOU Then Get Ready To Join Me At This LEGENDARY Event!

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Breakthrough workshop hands you the tools & confidence to
build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise!

Who couldn’t find $497 to learn “the World’s highest paid skill”?

When you come to this event, you’re going to be handed information that’s been worth HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to me and my students. Information that will be worth an easy six or seven figure income to you if you follow my proven advice.

And for God’s sake, don’t make the same mistake a lot of people make in life, by confusing “price” with value. You only have to pay $497 but you’re getting SO MUCH MORE!

But before I tell you what this training IS

First Let Me Tell You What This Training Is NOT.

  • It’s NOT working with a Trainer who isn’t “walking their talk”.
  • It’s NOT a bunch of “unproven” or “untested” theories.
  • It’s NOT a “pitch” for something else THIS IS THE TRAINING!!
  • It’s NOT a one size fits all approach that tries to squeeze you in to a fixed training model (that never works)
  • It’s NOT the “lifeline” to me that my $20k students get

…However you ARE getting the “11 Secret Herbs & Spices recipe” (if I can borrow a phrase)

What I mean by that is “I’m pulling back the curtain and revealing my secrets” in full. I won’t be holding anything back once everyone is in the room and the doors are pulled shut…

(Don’t be on the wrong side of those doors)

You’ll get all of the training, and afterwards you’ll get to be part of a whole community who will support and keep you accountable towards your success!

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Breakthrough workshop hands you the tools & confidence to
build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise!

WAIT JUST ONE SECOND LONGER! Before you go eagerly climbing onto the registration page to grab one of the limited number of spots. Let me first explain what we’ll be covering during our two days together.

I’m going to be teaching you…Wait 1 second

  1. How to find and connect with a large group of people who need your knowledge NOW!
  2. How to position yourself as the lead “Expert Authority” in any niche market
  3. How to package and sell high value info products (based on your knowledge, and the value you can bring to other people’s lives by sharing your wisdom)
  4. How to capture your authentic voice (in a style that compels people to want to INVEST their hearts and wallets in YOU!)
  5. All about the business of being a Speaker, collecting the “bread” (getting paid!)  …and fulfilling on your promises (very important!)

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Breakthrough workshop hands you the tools & confidence to
build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise!

Get Off Your Duff and Make Your Own Cheese

Are you still wondering “WHO THE HELL IS THIS SEAN ROACH PERSON??”

Here's What Others Are Saying
About Sean's BEST SELLING Book!

“The success of a company isn’t based on money but the people you have running it. More employees need to appreciate the perspective outlined in this book!”

Steve Jobs,
Co-founder, Chairman, CEO of Apple Inc

Apple Logo

“We need to steer clear of this poverty of ambition, where people want to drive fancy cars and wear nice clothes and live in nice apartments but don’t want to work hard to accomplish these things. Everyone should try to realize their full potential. I said that in 2005 and believe Sean is saying the same thing in his book. It’s time for a change so get off your duff.”

Barack Obama,
President of the United States

President Logo
Richard Branson

“It’s an inspiring collection of people, like myself, who have worked hard, believed they could do it and are excited about the prospects.”

Sir Richard Branson,
Chairman of Virgin Group

virgin logo

“Sean Roach is here not to impress you but to impress upon you that when you Pour Your Heart Into It, you D.A.R.E to be fulfilled.”

Howard Schultz,
Chairman and CEO or Starbucks

starbucks logo

"There is a difference between motivating people in the moment (as a speaker), and motivating them to invest in you and your products. Sean knows how to teach you this"

Pegine Echevarria
National Speakers AsscBoard Member &
'Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame' Inductee.

“I’ve Been Around This Industry For 22 Years &
Effectively Selling From Stage For Over 18 Years!”

Breakthrough workshop hands you the tools & confidence to
build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise!

I started my career as a 20-something “Summer Roadie” to one of the finest Sales Trainers of all time; The great Tom Hopkins, cutting my teeth under his expert tutelage.

I’ve spoken all over the world to millions of people...

I've made as little as $50,000… to over $800,000 from one 90 minute talk!

Not once, but several times, I've made over $1.4 million dollars from a 10-day speaking tour.

During my time on stage, I’ve toured with many well-known, and seasoned veterans of the speaking circuits, all over the world, and…

I’ve outsold them ALL!

“How” I’ve managed to do this is something I’ve shared with only my close students… and hopefully, very soon…

… I can include you in that exclusive group too.

Could you handle making over $1 million of sales in 10 days? That's the kind of results we want to help you achieve.

Last year’s event was the most comprehensive, detailed, hands-on training ever produced on how to Sell From Stage… and this years is set to be even better!

“Sean Made More Sales Than Any Other Speaker”

John Assaraf, From “The Secret”
New York Times Best-Selling Author of
“Having it All” & “The Answer”

…There's An Amazing Lifestyle Waiting For You!

This Could Be You

Breakthrough workshop hands you the tools & confidence to
build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise!

An exciting life where you can wake up one morning in one part of the world... jump on an airplane and travel (in style) to somewhere new... be picked up by a driver and chauffeured to a luxury venue packed to the brim with enthusiastic people waiting to hear you speak...

Top Seller

You'll be treated like royalty.

Or imagine…

Opening your webinar to find 300 people waiting online… then for the next 90 minutes, giving a spellbinding presentation that captivates and inspires every person in attendance.

At the end of your webinar you wrap up, and from your kitchen table, see an AVALANCHE of credit card transactions piling up…

Congratulations, You've Just Made ANOTHER
$150,000 From a Single 90 Minute Talk!

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Breakthrough workshop hands you the tools & confidence to
build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise!



What's more exciting… is you're making a difference in people's lives… they've captured your vision and are now excited to invest in themselves with your generous offer…

All in one day!

And yes, you can have several days like this per week, per month, your choice. Selling to audiences is a skill you can master, but it's NOT a one-size-fits-all approach (that's where other speaker trainers get it wrong).

When Promoters ask me to "fix" a speaker (happens a lot) because they're not selling well... The #1 problem I see is they've invested in multiple speaker training courses and are trying to blend them all together.

They become ROBOTIC, predictable, rehearsed and painfully obvious to the crowd that they're trying to sell.

They sacrifice their authenticity because someone tried to mold them into a box of how they ‘should' sell.




What works for some speakers DOES NOT always work for everyone else... You have your own style...

People are instinctively attracted to authenticity. You can't manufacture authenticity. You have a natural way to influence and sell to people...

You need to harness the innate power of...


You have a unique personality, temperament and style…
It's your “selling DNA”… If you move away from that,
you'll cause INSTANT sales-friction with the audience.


“I used to struggle to sell from stage, now I get instant results!”

Dr. Douglas Brackman
PhD Clinical Psychology & PhD Business Psychology

…Can You Handle Making $70,000+ In Just 90 Minutes?

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Breakthrough workshop hands you the tools & confidence to
build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise!


Okay, that’s a set up you know it. Who wouldn’t want to make money like that so fast?

Can you see it? Now, imagine doing that every single month for the next 12 months.

Let this sink in for a moment... You've never seen your bank account look like that before... Can you feel the excitement running through your body knowing your money problems are a thing of the past?

What will be the first things you do when you start making money like this?

  • Lift the weight of debt off your shoulders once and for all
  • Grow your savings account so you have $1Million buffer
  • Start looking at exciting new investment opportunities
  • Travel the world with whoever you want, whenever you want
  • Give your family and loved ones a surprise financial boost
  • Feel great about donating money to your favourite charities
  • Walk into a car dealership and pay cash for your dream car
  • Upgrade to your dream home filled with exotic furniture
  • Enjoy a PURPOSE filled life making a difference for others
  • Dream like a kid again… since your imagination will be your only limitation!!

“Yes Sean, This Is EXACTLY What I’ve
Been Waiting For!
…Where Can I Sign Up?”

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Breakthrough workshop hands you the tools & confidence to
build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise!

Okay Sean

The training here calls for an intimate group-workshop experience…

That way, I can work more closely with you… and in turn, help you build a product and a presentation that attracts a stampede of sales every time you open their mouth.

This means seating will be EXTREMELY LIMITED!

There’s bound to be a few disappointed people who miss out, just don’t be one of them. Again, this is not a free event, and only serious people are invited to register.

…Oh and another thing. You risk nothing!

~ Money Back Guarantee ~

Money Back GuaranteeCome to the event, take part in the World’s premiere speaker training, receive all of the training materials (including, the books and amazing bonuses worth well over $10,000) then afterwards… if you can look me in the eye and honestly tell me what you got wasn’t WORTH AT LEAST TEN TIMES WHAT YOU PAID for your ticket… Then… I insist on reimbursing for 100% of your ticket price on the spot! So there you go. All the risk rests squarely on my shoulders, and you don’t risk a penny…

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Breakthrough workshop hands you the tools & confidence to build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise!

This Is A Business Investment.
Not A Warm& Fuzzy Hug-A-Thon
Event To Make You Feel Good.

The purpose is to get you RESULTS, financial results - not just applause.

Okay, that's enough… If you‘re smart enough to see how this training can catapult your income (and you like the idea of building a million dollar income around your expertise) then the next step is easy...

Simply click below to register one of these limited spots!


"I've made my investment back many times over"

Dr Tony Pennells
Financial Adviser

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Breakthrough workshop hands you the tools & confidence to build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise!

Frequently Asked Questions…

Application Only
  1. Q: What will I learn at this event?

    A: You will learn from the best in the business – how to use the art of speaking to make a profound difference in the world while leveraging a million dollar empire around your expertise. You’ll learn how to create and price your products, attract and monetize your tribe, get booked for speaking engagements or create your own events, inspire and motivate others, and create rivers of profit in the process!

  2. Q: Why has the price dropped from $20,000 to just $497 this one time only?

    A: My peers think I’ve gone crazy but I KNOW there are thousands of people who can use these skills to create a lasting difference in the world. In years past, this training has been reserved for my private coaching clients only. Here’s the best chance you’ve ever had to leave your mark and make substantial profits as the established leading expert in your niche!

  3. Q: Who else is coming along?

    A: The people who attend “Sell From Stage” training are some of the sharpest marketers, entrepreneurs, speakers, thought-leaders, gurus, and business-players around. This means you’ll get to meet and rub shoulders with some seriously influential and knowledgeable folks. People who can help you on your way to becoming super-successful in your own right!

  4. Q: Will there be any outside speakers “pitching” stuff?

    A: No, it’s going to be solid wall-to-wall content for you to immerse yourself in for the entire two days.

  5. Q: Why is this 2 day event being held in San Diego?

    A: I personally love the facilities at the Omni La Costa Resort and I’ve always wanted to run a speaker training event there. We recently ran a very successful Expert Catapult training at this same venue and received rave reviews from our members!

  6. Q: Are there discounted rooms available at the resort?

    A: Yes, we’ve managed to secure a very special group discount for our attendees with rooms available right now at around half the normal price! It’s a perfect excuse to bring a partner along too.

  7. Q: How does your guarantee work and why would you offer it?

    A: Simple. I don’t want anyone having an excuse for not coming along and profiting from what I’ll be sharing with you. I need all excuses off the table. So if you feel like what you learned over the two days with me wasn’t worth at least 10x what you paid for your ticket, then simply approach me after the event and I’ll give you a full refund and you can walk away without any hard feelings. I just want you focussed on the training, not the money.

Okay that about wraps it up.

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

To your success,

Sean Roach, Ford Saeks and the Catapult team

P.S. This training will be filled with only the sharpest people. What that means is… the networking and connections you will make will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (at least). So claim your spot now and you can look forward to a whole new exciting life of financial independence and freedom… Be an action taker today!


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Breakthrough workshop hands you the tools & confidence to
build a MILLION DOLLAR empire around your expertise!


"Whatever you choose to do in life, make it count!"

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